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Building a Resilient Energy Future
One Element at a Time

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Our Energy Future is Fragile

We find ourselves residing at the crossroads of three significant societal transformations, propelling the world towards a promising future that is sustainable, interconnected, and convenient. Yet, this shift is occurring so swiftly that businesses are struggling to keep pace, particularly during a time of heightened geopolitical instability and rapidly growing cyber threats that could easily jeopardize this progress.

Protecting Progress

ElementR was founded by a team of former operational technology (OT) cybersecurity entrepreneurs, energy industry executives, cyber risk experts, and venture investors who shared a common concern that the rapid shift towards a digitized and decarbonized energy system was neglecting the essential aspect of cyber resilience, posing a significant threat to society. In 2021, the founders united with a vision to Protect Progress and a mission to help our customers Buy, Build and Run resilient critical energy infrastructure across the globe.

Protecting Progress will not be achieved by simply starting another specialty consulting firm, creating the next shiny object, or promoting fear from the conference circuit to sell consulting services.
Oil Rig

A new firm with a new approach

ElementR is more than just a traditional OT cybersecurity consulting firm, or  technology-centric startup. We are an OT cybersecurity studio that combines insights, innovation and investment capabilities all under one brand. This unique approach allows us to tie OT cybersecurity risk reduction to tangible business outcomes and help our customers solve the right problems, at the right time, with the right solutions.

Our four core services offerings are:


ElementR Logo

A strategy consulting and executive advisory division to help companies solve their most complex OT cyber security challenges.


ElementR Logo

A private equity capital platform to acquire and scale a broad portfolio of the most promising OT cyber security companies.


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A venture investment syndicate and start-up studio to identify, incubate and launch exciting new OT cyber security innovations.


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An advocacy arm to promote and amplify critical messages to OT, Cyber and Energy Transition stakeholders around the world.

It takes a village to build Resilience

We help a broad range of customers across the entire global energy system Buy, Deploy and Run resilient OT infrastructure and safeguard our clean energy future. 

Electric Vehicle

Electric Mobility

Decarbonized and electric commercial and public transportation

Wind Farm

Renewable Power

Solar, wind and other forms of clean energy production

Oil Derrick

Oil & Natural Gas

Traditional energy production from hydrocarbons


Mining & Minerals

Rare-earth mineral extraction and production

The foundational Elements of cyber Resilience

We advise, incubate, launch, fund and/or acquire companies who are innovating and operating across the four foundational elements of cyber resilience.


Solutions that can help customers manage their cyber risk when procuring new OT equipment or services, or when acquiring new businesses.



Solutions that help to ensure new operational technologies are designed, developed and deployed in a safe, secure and resilient fashion.


Solutions to help industrial companies run and maintain resilient clean energy infrastructure and protect against evolving cyber threats.



Solutions that focus on the human element and help empower OT cyber security practitioners to protect the worlds clean energy future.

Our Portfolio

DealDefence is a boutique OT cyber security advisory firm designed to help corporate development teams identify, assess and mitigate cyber risk during mergers, acquisitions and divestments.

Deal Defence Logo

DealDefence, Canada


A next-generation cyber security and robustness testing platform to help OT OEM’s and Operators design, develop and commission the most resilient clean energy technology possible.

Company Logo

Stealth, USA


A workforce management platform and community marketplace that matches certified IT/OT cyber security professionals with hiring companies, managing payroll, benefits and training.

Company Logo

Stealth, Portugal


Metallic Structure

Our team of OT cybersecurity thought-leaders, innovators, startup builders and venture investors are always on the lookout for the next big OT cybersecurity breakthrough to help build a resilient energy future


  • an innovator with an exciting idea looking for support to launch and grow.

  • a startup seeking strategic support or capital to scale.

  • company looking for strategic guidance, growth capital or strategic alternatives.

  • a venture fund or private equity firm looking to build exposure to the OT Cyber Security ecosystem.

Let's Protect Progress together



  • CISO looking to establish a simple and scalable OT cyber security assessment and remediation program.

  • a renewable energy asset manager looking to protect your operations from emerging cyber threats.

  • a corporate development team looking to integrate cyber risk management into your commercial transactions.

  • a new energy technology OEM looking to validate the security and robustness of your OT software or systems.

Our team of OT cybersecurity risk management consultants and executive advisors have helped the world's largest energy companies Buy, Build and Run the most resilient industrial automation and control system infrastructure possible.

Prepare for tomorrow's cyber risks today

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